This county includes the city of Kellogg, Wallace, and the upper Coeur d'Alene River & forks


Day Rock Pond; Elsie Lake; Lower & Upper Glidden Lakes;

North Fork Coeur d'Alene River; Steamboat Pond

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Day Rock Pond – RC Model Boats


Day Rock pond is a very small pond next to Nine Mile Creek. The pond is about 10-15 feet deep, (very deep for such a small pond). This is a nice pond from which children can practice there fishing skills (it has a few rainbow trout). Maps: To view a map click on and type in Wallace, Idaho. Follow our road directions given here. Directions: From I90 take either Wallace exit at the city of Wallace, Idaho. Once in the city follow the business loop and turn north on 6th Street (FR 458) passing under I90 toward the city of Bunn. Travel about 3.5 miles (passing through the city of Bunn, just past Bunn) until you come to the junction of Nine Mile and East Fork of Nine Mile creek. To the left you will see the small pond. INFO: It's a very small pond and there are no restrooms or services. There is a small gravel parking area.  UP


Elsie Lake Small Boats Manual


Elsie Lake is in a spectacular setting with high alpine mountains all around the lake. The boat launch into this lake is a primitive gravel launch which drops off quickly into the lake about 20 feet or less off the shore. No motors are allowed. The lake is home to rainbow and brook trout; the wilderness area is home to black bear, mountain lions, elk, deer, and a variety of foul. Make sure to keep all food contained as any food left open will be visited by bear, etc. Fee free camping areas surround the lake except on the east where there are a steep mountain and cliffs. There is a restroom not far from the launch area. Hiking in this area is a must! Maps: To view a map click on and type in Kellogg, Idaho. There is no exact address for this lake so once you see Kellogg on the map hit aerial view and follow the Directions given here. Directions: Elsie Lake is 12.6 miles from the I90 exit 54/Big Creek Exit. The road to this lake is paved for a short distance then the rest of the road is gravel with small boulders and protruding rocks. Stay on the main road, which is the road that appears well traveled. This road is not marked nor are there signs giving directions to the lake. One spot on the road is a slide area that is very rough, so be careful. I would NOT travel on this road in Spring due to potential slides and unstable road conditions. When you get close to the lake you will come to a saddle area between mountains and then you will descend to the lake less than a mile again on a rough road with loose rocks. Once near the lake there is a road that goes north to the restroom and primitive launch area. There is also a road that goes south to a turn around area. Do not travel this road to the lake unless you have a 4x4 vehicle with good ground clearance.  UP


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Lower & Upper Glidden Lakes - Small Boats Manual


Among all of Shoshone County and North Idaho, Lower Glidden Lake has the highest elevation. The lake is absolutely beautiful with heavily forested alpine mountains surrounding the lake. Wildlife abound with brown and black bear (Grizzlies as reported), Elk, Deer, Mountain Lions, a variety of foul, etc. Rainbow and Brook Trout inhabit this lake. Motors are not allowed on this lake, which I'm sure the wildlife appreciate. There is a primitive boat launch. Hiking in this area is, of course, spectacular.


To the south of this lake is Upper Glidden Lake, which is smaller yet no less beautiful of a place to hike to, and is also said to be a good fishing lake. Camp sites are mostly along its east shore, and there is a small trail along the west shore with perhaps one area that would be a good camping area. Fish and Game info indicates there is a restroom at this lake, but I was unable to find it.


Maps: To view a map click on and type in Wallace, Idaho. Set the map on aerial view. You will want to follow the directions here to locate it on the map. Directions: Lower Glidden Lake is 12.4 miles from the I90 exit. From I90 take Wallace exit 62 at the city of Wallace, Idaho. Turn north onto Burke Can Creek Rd./NF 7623 (HWY 4), and stay on it almost all the way to the lake. The road to this lake is partly paved and partly gravel. It is not marked nor are there signs giving directions to the lake. As you go up this road stay to the right as you will pass several Y's in the road. Stay on the paved road until it ends at the power station. The road is paved from the highway to the power station, even though the pavement gets rough near its end. Along this road you will pass an impressive old mining facility with large buildings. The road that goes to the lake passes right next to the power station and follows the power lines. The road you turn on get to the lake passes under the power lines. While on the gravel road you will pass over 2 small bridges and another one once you turn onto the road to the lake. The picture below is the view of the spot you will turn to go to the lake. The turn point is not quite at the top of the saddle between mountains. After the power station the road turns to gravel, small boulders, with protruding rocks. This road is best suited only for 4x4 vehicles with good ground clearance. When I went up this road the first time a 4x4 pick up turned around due to the rough road conditions.


I would NOT travel on this road in Spring due to the unstable road conditions. Once at the lake the road goes northeast around the east side of the lake, which also takes you to the primitive launch. Info: As indicated previously, Fish & Game maps/info indicate there is a restroom but I was un-able to find one. This road will be very hard on any car, and without four wheel drive you most likely WILL get stuck. There are a couple deep ruts in the road. Do not drive in a car to this lake!  UP



This is the place to turn right to get to Lower Glidden Lake

North Fork Coeur d'Alene River – Kayaks & Small Boats with Motors


The North Fork & Little North Fork Coeur d'Alene River is a popular fishing and float river, and very popular camping area. This part of the Coeur d'Alene River is free of mining chemical remnants so some feel it is a much safer river to swim in and eat fish from. Rainbow and Brook trout are the popular catches on this river. It is reported that this area is heavily populated by black bear and so do not keep any food out in the open. Of course Elk and Deer also populate the area. There are no boat launches on this part of the Coeur d'Alene River. Kayaks, drift boats, dinghies, etc. are portaged over the river bank to access the river. The depth of the river varies, of course, but generally is fairly shallow. Maps: To view a map click on and type in Kingston, Idaho. Follow the directions given here. Set the map on aerial view. Directions: From I90 take the Kingston Exit 43. Traveling north on Forest Highway 2, follow the river. To go to the public camping sites, turn on Little North Fork Coeur d'Alene River. Info: Turning on the Little N. Fork Coeur d'Alene River Road you will also see a sign to a popular privately owned campground called Country Lane Resort. This resort provides services, restaurant and river access. On Little N. Fork Coeur d'Alene River Road there are signs to direct you to Bumblebee State Park, which has full camping facilities for tent or RV camping, but no food services as does Country Lane Resort. Another advantage to Country Lane Resort is that it does not have problems with black bears like Bumblebee State Park does. Also, along the Little N Fork Coeur d'Alene River are many camping areas but they aren't recommended for RV camping. These sites are not intended for off road vehicle play... off road vehicles are to be used for coming and going only.  UP


Steamboat Pond – RC Model Boats


Steamboat Pond is a small fishing pond next to the North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene River and the location where Steamboat Creek enters the river (thus its name). Steamboat Creek is actually across the Coeur d'Alene River from the pond, which does not touch the creek at all. This is a great pond to catch rainbow trout from. The pond has high banks with some eroded areas to walk down next to the water. There is no path around the pond, but there is an accessible dock with a paved path. In late summer and fall when the water is lower the pond becomes two ponds with ample fish in both. Maps: To view a map click on and type in Kingston, Idaho. Follow the directions given here. Set the map on aerial view. Directions: From I90 take the Kingston Exit 43. Traveling north on Forest Highway 2 to mile marker 11, turn left into the Steamboat Pond gravel parking lot (there is a sign). Info: There is an accessible restroom but no running water.  UP



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